Portable electric water heater is really convenient


Portable electric cup, as the name suggests is of course easy to carry, then portable electric cup really portable?
1, portable electric cup is generally characterized by a small size, easy to carry, some also use folding structure design, folded cup volume is only 1/3-1/4 size of the original, some with a handle electric cup is also used to hide the structural design, very convenient to carry and use.
2, function, portable electric cup usually have the basic heating and insulation function, in addition, some portable electric cup with stew, soup, tea, dechlorination and other functions, some of the higher-priced smart electric cup with LCD screen, which can display the real-time temperature of the water, full of sense of technology.
Comprehensive, portable electric cup is really quite convenient, whether it is out of business travel or home use are better.

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