Detailed electric water cup should be how to use correctly


Electric water cup is compact, easy to carry, is a very practical out of the house utensils. Of course, the use of electric water cup should also pay attention to the method, so usually how to use it correctly? Here we will talk about.

Electric cup of water how to install
A. Understand the main components
Cup cover, cup body, switch button.
B. List of accessories
Instructions, part of the bag with cup.
Electric water cup does not need to be installed, only need to check the sealing and no breakage.

A.Open the lid of the cup, fill with drinking water, pay attention to the amount of water can not exceed the upper water level scale line;
B.Open the cup body socket protection silicone;
C.Insert one end of the power cord into the power supply and one end into the body socket;
D. Choose the desired temperature to boil water.

E. Precautions for use
a.The first time you use it or do not use it for a long time, add water to boil and then pour it out, repeat 1-2 times to keep it clean and hygienic;
b.Take water during boiling and after boiling is completed, pay attention to prevent water vapor scald;
c. When boiling water, long press the on/off key to stop working.

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