Portable Electric Water Mug


Self-heating water mugs work by heating water to a set temperature through a built-in heating device. Typically, an automatic heating water mug has a heating element inside, usually an electric heater or a PTC thermistor. The heating element starts working when the user turns on the water heating function in the mug.
The heating element generates heat energy by turning on the power and creating a certain resistance that allows current to pass through it. This heat energy is
transferred to the water molecules inside the mug, raising its temperature.
Automatic heating cups are usually equipped with a temperature control device, which can control the heating element according to the temperature set by the user. When the temperature of the water reaches the set temperature, the temperature control device will automatically disconnect the heating element to prevent overflow or damage to the heating element due to high water temperatures.
In addition to the heating element and temperature control device, the automatic heating mug also includes an insulation layer and a shell. The insulation layer can reduce
The insulation layer reduces the effect of external heat on the temperature of the water inside the mug, thus maintaining the temperature of the water. The shell protects the heating element
and temperature control device, but also can have a certain anti-skid and anti-scald function.
In general, the role of the automatic heating water cup principle is through the heating element will be converted into thermal energy, so that the water temperature
The heating element converts electric energy into heat energy, so that the water temperature rises to the temperature set by the user, and maintains the water temperature stable through the temperature control device.

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