A smart insulated titanium cup that helps you control sugar scientifically


In today's society, "sugar control" has become a growing concern. Coupled with the fact that diabetes is getting younger and younger, it seems that controlling sugar has become a matter of urgency. Sugar control is both difficult and easy. As long as you know what are the red light foods and drinks that are high in sugar, you will be able to avoid them and control sugar smoothly.
 The first step in controlling sugar is to know how much sugar is in your diet! This cup has a smart base that can measure sugar, take a meal replacement shake to do a small test. The touch screen at the base of the cup shows that the measured 100ml meal replacement shake contains 16.0% sugar and 59kcal.

  The second step of sugar control is to know how much sugar we should eat! It is able to bind with the WeChat applet and input our body information, such as height, weight, etc., to indicate the calories that should be consumed. I have to say, this feature is very useful.
Usually 50kg people generally prompt about 1400kcal per day, according to each meal can be ingested about 450kcal diet, the test of 200ml meal replacement shakes contain about 118kcal calories, it can be seen that it is still safe to follow the meal.
Step 3, make your own scientific diet program! Through the small program we can see the daily surplus of calories that can be consumed, we can control the calories we consume according to our own needs. With just a cell phone and a cup, you can easily control sugar anytime, anywhere and simply.

  Even if it is just a cup, it is closely related to our health. Our common insulation cup are made of stainless steel, but "stainless steel tea health hazards," the news was once hot, leaving a hard lump in everyone's heart.

  Now the new titanium cup, safe and non-toxic. I checked the information that titanium is a kind of -235 ° to 600 ° can maintain high strength, and the human body is not allergic to a light weight, strong stability of non-toxic metal. Cups of coffee, milk, tea, wine, carbonated beverages, etc. can remain stable and not deteriorate.

  The parts of Titanium Lifetime Water that come into contact with the liquid are all pure titanium, and with the function of intelligent sugar measurement, Titanium Lifetime Water can be said to be the cup for a healthy life.

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