Can an electric cup be used as a thermos?


Many friends buy electric cup is to drink hot water at any time, but if you go out traveling, to the place where there is no electricity and water, electric cup if not insulation, you can not drink hot water, then electric cup can insulation?
The answer is of course yes, electric cup with insulation, electric cup cup body and the inner liner between the hollow design, can play a role in heat insulation and anti-scalding, some intelligent electric cup in the water boiling or reach the set temperature will also be automatically adjusted through the thermostat for the thermal insulation mode, and in the state of power can be continuously maintained at a constant temperature, it's very convenient, and the size of the portable electric cup is also not too big, especially suitable for traveling! It is very convenient, and the portable electric cup is small in size, which is especially suitable for traveling.

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