Principle of Smart Mug


Two commonly used functions of smart water cup are temperature display and smart reminder. People in the case of often do not drink water will cause physical discomfort, so set the intelligent reminder function, and in order to follow the convenience of people drinking water, added the temperature display function.
1, temperature display: this function can literally be understood, in the cup cover will directly display the temperature inside the cup. In the case of not needing to display can be tapped on the lid, to wake up / open the temperature display. The aperture is also hidden. The principle of the temperature display is very simple, mainly in the lid of the cup device thermistor, and then through the electronic intelligent sensor temperature measurement, anytime and anywhere to sense the water temperature changes, as long as the hand touch the top of the lid can display the temperature.
2, intelligent reminder: work and study busy often forget to drink water, wait until you feel the mouth and tongue when the body has entered a serious water shortage. Intelligent drinking water reminder function is more practical, just turn on the smart drinking water reminder on the APP, the cup will automatically calculate your proper drinking time according to the last drinking time and the amount of water consumed, flashing clock-like icon, vibration, drinking water reminder, to prevent the body from entering a state of water shortage. If you don't need water reminder, you can also turn off the function on the APP.
3, water temperature reminder: designed in the lid of the cup an aperture, this aperture will change according to the temperature inside the cup, when the water temperature is O ℃ ~ 20 ℃, the lid of the aperture presents a blue light, when the water temperature is 21C ~ 55 ° ℃, the lid of the aperture presents a green light, when the water temperature is 56 ℃ or more, the lid of the aperture presents a red light. Generally we drink water at a temperature of 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C, more than then, drinking there is a danger of scalding the throat, so the red light is to remind customers not to drink, the green light on the net just good, not too cold and not too hot, and the blue light is suitable for summer drinking.

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