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Our Story

SANTECO was founded in 2013 and belongs to the listed company 002615 Hals Group. It originated in France and came to China from France, the birthplace of Ta. We have given SANTECO a deeper brand core-fearlessness.

First Heart:
SANTECO is a combination of the two French words Santé (health) and cologique (environmental protection). The original intention of the brand is that we realize that excessive consumption and some bad habits in life have led to the creation of the "eighth continent" composed of garbage ". Starting from our own, we reduce the use of disposable plastic beverage bottles. Each person can reduce about 50g of garbage by using thermos cups every day. This is SANTECO the most simple concept of environmental protection and brand first heart.


Originating from the extreme pursuit of health and nature and the picky material, after several years of repeated polishing, following the laws of things, returning to the original heart, allowing food to return to the "original taste" of nature, the SANTECO titanium cup was born.
With the value concept of "original taste fearless", the SANTECO closely connects the various stages of the user's life with the product, creating practical and emotional dual values. With leading materials and technological innovation in the industry, we advocate a healthy living condition that is truly fearless.

The whole series of cup and pot products in SANTECO have developed from this, accompanying users to break through the challenges of all stages of life, and advocating a confident, brave and original lifestyle of "fearless because of the original taste", eventually leading the development of titanium cup industry and becoming the standard of middle-class quality life.
Divide the product series into fearless exploration, fearless to be yourself, fearless to achieve, fearless to grow, in order to express and convey more interpretation of the SANTECO brand "original taste fearless.

Our Mission

SANTECO from the inside to the outside to give users a brand-new drinking experience, with a fearless attitude towards life, always pursue a healthy quality of life, and become the titanium cup leader who can best resonate with the inner energy of users.



Pure, lasting beauty is the key word for SANTECO.

What SANTECO advocate is a kind of freedom,

Simple and yet exquisite lifestyle.

What is the original intention of SANTECO brand creation?

The creation of SANTECO stems from the realization that human beings have created an "eighth continent" composed of garbage due to excessive consumption and some bad habits in life ".

What's different about SANTECO?

We believe that we can not only focus on the appearance of the product, design work can not only stay in fashion, we must fully consider the user experience and lifestyle. Through their habits, define the needs of innovation and design new products that meet their future expectations. The purpose of design is not to be different, but to innovate in the service of use.

Where is the charm of SANTECO?

What SANTECO advocate is a kind of casual, simple and exquisite lifestyle.

How to embody this idea in the design?

Together with the team, we have carefully determined and followed the principle of using the fewest means to achieve the greatest effect.

Apply ergonomics to the smallest details of the product to achieve a combination of stylish appearance and quality of use.

In short, pure, lasting beauty is the key word for SANTECO.

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